I put most of these these audio files together myself, from public domain texts I found online. I have taken great care to make sure these documents are both in the public domain, and that the publishers held no publishing rights to restrict their use in any way. I also made sure that all the software involved in creating the files did not limit the use or redistribution of the files. I have done minimal editing to the texts before turning them into audio, only things such as taking out obvious spelling errors, replacing a handful of out of dated words, such as &c. or connexion. I also took out some introductions, foot notes  and other similar things, which I thought  added little value, or would be confusing to listen to in audio.

An Account Of Mrs Sarah Edwards

Mrs Sarah Edwards lived from 1710-1758. Sarah was the wife of the renown theologian Jonathan Edwards. This account of Mrs Sarah Edwards is from chapter XIV of: "The Works of President Edwards: With A Memoir Of His Life Volume 1." The account consists primarily of Mrs Sarah Edwards own writings.

The original chapter description is: "Mrs. Sarah Edwards. — Her solemn self-dedications. — Her uncommon discoveries of the Divine Perfections and Glory; and of the Excellency of Christ. — Remarks concerning them." 


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Daivid Brainerd Biography - By Jonathan Edwards.

David Brainerd Lived from 1718 – 1747. He was a missionary to the Native American Indians. Many godly men and women have said to have been influenced by this Biography including William Carey, John Wesley and Jim Elliot. This account is mainly made up of his journal entries. This biography was written by the well known preacher Jonathan Edwards. Edwards published the biography in 1749, only 2 years after Brainerd’s death.


(This Audio or text is free to download distribute or edit as pleased, as long as it remains free.)

Epic - A collection of Christian Testimonies
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Ch 1 Joe Buchanan – prison, drugs, or dead

Ch 2 Joy Sheehan – tragedy, grief, and the goodness of God

Ch 3 Carl Parks – a fisher of men Pt. 1

Ch 4 Carl Parks – Making something good Pt. 2

Ch 5 Tina - never too far gone

Ch 6 Eric Nurmi - What else are you willing to do

Ch 7 Emma Villanueva – God can heal

Ch 8 Mark Bettinger – go into all the world

Ch 9 Kathy Garrison – Finding God’s purpose

Ch 10 Kari Bollant - The journey of life

Ch 11 Dave Butts – The gift of peace 

Ch 12 Megan Thompson – It is well

Ch 13 Kacy Harris – Trisomy 18

Ch 14 Rechab Gray - Surrendering to the call

Ch 15 Daniel Goulet – Pornography, addiction, and emptiness

Ch 16 Dianne Leman – Faith and infertility

Ch 17 Kenji Gallo - Making a fresh start

Ch 18 Kelly Denham – Believing in the face of suffering

Ch 19 Valena Claiborne – A mom like this

Ch 20 Chris Benyo – ALS and the journey of faith

Ch 21 Robert Nabulere – from poverty to pastor

Ch 22 Darren and Sarah Clare – Back in the baby aisle

Ch 23 Melany Jackson – More than enough 

Ch 24 Mark Schultz - The story of adoption 

Ch 25 Suzanne Happs - Learning to trust

Ch 26 Steven Curtis Chapman - Mr. Fix It 

Ch 27 Regina Harrington - Loving those living with HIV 

Ch 28 Josh Lauritch - Finding identity in Jesus

Ch 29 Michelle Lewis - When God doesn’t give the desires of your heart

Ch 30 Sarah Yeackley - He’s still God, and He’s still good

Ch 31 Dennis and Dawn Ritter - A strong heart

Ch 32 Samuel Worden - The Father’s Love

Ch 33 Christina Moffatt - A journey of faith and cupcakes Pt. 1

Ch 34 Christina Moffatt - Why would God allow this to happen Pt. 2

Ch 35 Dan Wheeler - Hurricane of Love

Ch 36 Tabitha Eichlberger - Diary of a lonely prom queen

Ch 37 Jeanie Thomas - Loving a prodigal

Ch 38 Trent and Lydia Hol - Giving up control

Ch 39 Tessa Ratajczyk - Addiction, domestic violence, and feeling unworthy

Ch 40 David Bush - Surrendering Dreams

Ch 41  Steven Brody - Living at your wit’s end

Ch 42 Greg Bugbee - A new identity

Ch 43 Ryan and M.J. Otto - When God writes your love story Pt. 1

Ch 44 Ryan and M.J. Otto - When God writes your love story Pt. 2

Ch 45 Kati Pessin - Climbing out of the darkness

Ch 46 Kevin and Jamie Crosier - When marriage makes you unhappy Pt. 1

Ch 47 Kevin and Jamie Crosier - Redeeming a crumbling marriage Pt. 2

Ch 48 Scot Longyear - Learning compassion from pain

Ch 49 Clay Harrington - Gifted to speak

Ch 50 Brenda Nevitt - Trusting God when your world is shattered

Ch 51 Elisha and Daniel Kearns - Waiting for a baby through infertility

Ch 52 Sabrina Scott - Where is God when the diagnosis isn’t good

Ch 53 Brittany Frost- A journey through adoption

Ch 54 Kim Kidd - Gods power to redeem our stories

Ch 55 Julia Wilson's and Tyler - Hope in the wake of tragedy

Ch 56 Jim Eisenmenger – Letting go of control

Ch 57 Jason and Sallie Hanson - One man's journey to faith

Meridith Foster interviews Christians about God's work in their lives. Each recording is about 30 min long. Her programs are a ministry of Faith Radio. They can be downloaded or streamed for free if you click on the links.

Note - my favorite testimonies are Ch 7, 14, 17, & 43-44, 

Forgotten - Amazing True Stories Of Christians In History.

Forgotten is written and produced by Ronnie Brown, who was a pastor for 10 years and is now an evangelist. Each episode tells the story of an individual who was greatly used by God at some point in history. 

VOM Radio - Testimonies From The Persecuted Church

Voice Of The Martyrs Radio is dedicated to sharing the stories and lessons of the underground persecuted churches around the world, they have a new episode every week with a total of 290+ episodes as of 2020. I just listed a few episodes here due to space.


The only way I could download these podcasts so I could listen to them without internet, is to download Itunes and then there is an option to download as mp3 by clicking on the cloud icon and then clicking the three dots and clicking copy                  Once you click the cloud icon and copy, you can right click on your desktop screen and paste the mp3 file.