I put most of these these audio files together myself, from public domain texts I found online. I have taken great care to make sure these documents are both in the public domain, and that the publishers held no publishing rights to restrict their use in any way. I also made sure that all the software involved in creating the files did not limit the use or redistribution of the files. I have done minimal editing to the texts before turning them into audio, only things such as taking out obvious spelling errors, replacing a handful of out of dated words, such as &c. or connexion. I also took out some introductions, foot notes  and other similar things, which I thought  added little value, or would be confusing to listen to in audio.

Astonishing Grace to the Chief of All Fools                - Michael Chriswell's Autobiography 
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Astonishing Grace to the Chief of All Fools

- Michael Chriswell's Autobiography 

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Michael Chriswell describes how he found the living God through intense trials. He had so little money, that he had to open his son’s piggy bank just to eat. His wife put him through a horrible divorce, where she tried to turn everyone he knew against him. She lied and made up stories, she called the police, and tried to deny him custody of their children. Michael describes how God miraculously intervened and taught him to trust in God rather than the flesh. Michael has a YouTube Channel and several other Free Audio Books on his website

50 Years In The Church Of Rome - An Autobiography of Charles Chiniquy

Charles P. T. Chiniquy lived from 1809 - 1899. He was a Catholic Priest whom God used to fight the corruption in the Catholic Church. He impacted several hundred thousand Catholics, teaching them the truths taught in the Bible, even when it contradicted the bishops or the Pope. This is an account of his dealings with God and the church, written by himself.


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