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A Prophet Like Moses

There is a prophesy about Jesus, in the old testament, which is quoted or referred to at least ten times in the New Testament. Moses wrote, “The Lord your God will raise up for you a prophet like me from among you, from your brothers—it is to him you shall listen.”⁰ There are so many similarities about Moses and Jesus, that I wrote down a list of them. I tried to keep them in chronological order as follows.

1. When Moses was born, Pharaoh had made a decree to drown all the baby Israelite boys living in Egypt. Similarly, when Jesus was born, king Herod sent soldiers to kill all the boys 2 years old or younger living in Bethlehem.¹

2. Moses was raised by a mother not his own. Although he was an Israelite slave, he was raised by the princess of Egypt. In like manner, Jesus was raised by a mother not his own, although he is God, he was raised by Mary, whom he created.²

3. Moses was royalty because his mother was a princess. Likewise, Jesus is royalty because he is the King of kings.³

4. Moses was instructed in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, and he was mighty in his word and deed. In the same way, Jesus was instructed in the wisdom of God, and he also was outstanding in what he said and did.⁴

5. The scripture said, Moses was beautiful in God’s sight. Likewise, the scripture said Jesus is God’s beloved son, with whom he is well pleased.⁵

6. Moses left the pleasures of an Egyptian prince, and became like an Israelite slave. In a similar manner, Jesus left the heavenly pleasures of the Father, and became like one of Adams cursed sons.⁶

7. Moses delivered God’s people out of slavery, when he lead the Israelites out of Egypt. Likewise, Jesus delivered believers from their slavery to sin, by his death on the cross.⁷

8. Moses was rejected the first time he tried to set the Israelites free. He ended up fleeing for his life into a desert. In the same way, Jesus was rejected the first time he came to set mankind free. And he was killed by those he came to save.⁸

9. When Moses came the second time, he came with the power of God and destroyed the army of Egypt. In the same way, when Jesus returns he will come with incredible power, and will destroy all the enemies of God’s people.⁹

10. Moses gave the Israelites an unblemished lamb, so that God would not destroy their firstborn son. In a similar way, Jesus is the sinless lamb of God, and he gave himself, so that God would not destroy believers.¹⁰

11. Moses was like a shepherd to the Israelites by leading, guiding, providing, and protecting the Israelites, while they were in the wilderness. Likewise Jesus calls himself the good shepherd. And he promised to lead, guide, provide for, and protect believers, while on earth.¹¹

12. Moses provided the Israelites daily bread, in the form of manna. Similarly Jesus promised believers daily bread, in the form of our physical and spiritual needs.¹²

13. Moses provided springs of water for the Israelites to drink while in the desert. In a similar way, Jesus promised to become a spring of water in believers, which wells up into eternal life.¹³

14. Moses was a judge to the Israelites, while in the desert. Likewise, Jesus will judge all believers at an appointed time.¹⁴

15. Moses gave the commands of God to the Israelites. In the same way, Jesus gives us commands from God in the New Testament.¹⁵

16. Moses commandments & covenant were to reveal the sinfulness of the Israelites. In a corresponding way, Jesus commands & covenant are to remove the sins revealed by the law of Moses.¹⁶

17. Moses taught and enforced circumcision of the flesh, removing skin from the most intimate part of the body. Likewise, Jesus teaches circumcision of the heart, removing what hinders a more intimate relationship with God.¹⁷

18. Moses Spoke to God face to face. Likewise, Jesus is the only one who has spoken to God the Father face to face.¹⁸

19. Moses faced shined because he talked with God. In a similar way Jesus whole being became radiant because he is God.¹⁹

20. The scripture says, “Moses was very humble, more than all people who were on the face of the earth.” Moses showed his humility when God wanted to kill the Israelites and start over through him. But Moses said if you will not forgive their sin, then “blot me out of your book that you have written.” Likewise the scripture says Jesus was humble. Though he is the creator of all things, and could have just started over after mankind sinned, he chose to die in their place.²⁰

21. Moses commandments made the Israelites different or peculiar from other nations. In the same way, Jesus commands believers to be holy, or different from the world, as he is holy.²¹

22. Moses was the mediator between God and the Israelites. In the same way, Jesus is the mediator between believers and God.²²

23. Moses created a bronze serpent and put it on a pole, so that if the Israelites would look at it, they would not die from God’s punishment. In the same way, Jesus was hung on a tree, so that anyone who believes in him won’t die from God’s punishment.²³

24. Moses was a prophet. Likewise Jesus was also a prophet.²⁴

25. The scripture says, Moses was faithful to keep God’s commands. Similarly, it says Jesus was without sin.²⁵

26. Moses was in the wilderness 40 years before God called him to lead the Israelites. In a similar way, Jesus fasted in the wilderness 40 days, before he began his ministry.²⁶

27. Moses lead the Israelites to the promise land. Likewise, Jesus leads us to God’s promise land (heaven).²⁷

28. Moses died early, because he sinned. In a similar way, Jesus died, because we sinned.²⁸

29. To this day, no one knows where Moses body is, because God buried him. Likewise, no one knows where Jesus body is, because God raised him from the dead.²⁹

30. There was a song written for the Israelites to sing, because of the works God did through Moses. In the same way, there is a song written for believers to sing in heaven, because of the works Jesus did.³⁰

I’m confident there are many more ways Jesus was similar to Moses. It’s amazing Moses even had free will, the way God set him up to represent Jesus. It seems undoubtedly clear that Jesus is the prophet like Moses, to whom God said we must listen.

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