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Can sin, disaster or accidents change God’s plan for my life?

God said he doesn’t change and he will achieve all his plans.¹ God knows all things, so his plans account for anything that could hinder his will or promises.² He created us specifically for all the circumstances and events that will take place in our lives.³ No world war, wicked person, or accident can change God’s predetermined plan, because he accounted for them when he planned to create us.³

Although no outside source can hinder God’s plans or promises to us, our obedience or disobedience does affect God’s plan for our lives.⁴ We were saved by grace not works; God is not saying that we should go back to works now that we are saved.⁵ God is saying that he will use rewards and consequences to motivate us.⁶God is kind and compassionate, and he remains faithful even if we do not, but he is also stern and after enough warnings, he will discipline us, if we continue in sin.⁷

It’s true that nothing can hinder God’s plan for us, but it’s also true that the actions of others affect us, and our actions affect them. Wickedness causes pain and corrupts, while righteousness blesses and builds up.⁸ God told Ezekiel that if he disobeyed, it would cause pain to others; and God told Abraham that because he obeyed, he will be a blessing to others.⁹

Only God can work it out so that no one can hinder his promises or plan for us, but at the same time our obedience and disobedience affects those around us.¹⁰

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