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God’s help in a demonic dream

In my dream the enemy gave me sleep paralysis, where I was aware of things around me yet sleeping. I could feel a dark presence, and was tempted to fear, but God gave me the ability to turn my thoughts to Him. Not wanting to sin against God by letting fear overcome me, I asked Jesus to help me, but nothing happened. I then asked again and laid hold of Him, with a love I felt for him saying, because I trusted in you and came to you, help me with this fear! I then felt His intense love, I was no longer aware of the demonic presence, I was consumed by His love. And the Spirit spoke to my mind, there, is that better. The verse came to my mind perfect love casts out fear. I wanted to remember what He did and spoke to me, so as soon as I awoke, I wrote this, the time is 2:16 AM.

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