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How to walk in God’s strength, not our own

The short answer is to obey God, and not sin. The scripture says nothing can be done apart from God, but with God all things are possible.¹ The scripture tells us to labor, so that we enter into his rest.² God wants us to live righteously, so that when he works through us and for us, he will be glorified.³

          Here are some of the ways God tells us to labor, so that he will work through us and for us:

          1) Pray.⁴ God tells us things will change if we pray, but if we neglect to pray God will often neglect to intervene.⁵ Also earnest prayer or fasting, are effective ways we can plead with God and expect him to help us.⁶

          2) Be thankful in everything, and rejoice always.⁷ When we thank God and rejoice in what he has done and promised us, our hearts are filled with joy.⁸ And the scripture says the Joy of the Lord is one of the ways God strengthens us.⁹

          3) Read the bible and think about what it means.¹⁰ If we understand his love for us, we can love others better.¹¹ If we remember that Jesus died for our sins, we can break free from guilt, and forgive others.¹² God transforms us and gives us power to do his will as he teaches us.¹⁰

          4) Remember God’s Promises. There are certain promises that are so important, the scripture refers to them as armor.¹³ God promised that Jesus paid all our sin, so we are righteous in his sight.¹⁴ He promised that all who believe in Jesus will go to heaven.¹⁵ There are hundreds of promises in the bible, remembering God’s promises and believing they are true, are ways that God encourages and strengthens us.

          5) Humble ourselves. God promised to give grace to the humble, but to resist the proud.¹⁶

          6) Bless and Love others. The bible says those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.¹⁷

          7) Show mercy and forgive others. The bible says to those who show mercy, mercy will be shown.¹⁸ And if we forgive others, God will forgive us.¹⁹But to those who judge and condemn others, they too will be condemned, and to those who do not show mercy, no mercy will be shown them.²⁰

          8) Delight in God. God promised to give us the desires of our heart if we delight in him.²¹ The bible says when our desires are fulfilled, it “is a tree of life to us."²²

          These are just a few of the ways God rewards specific things, but God promised to reward every form of obedience.²³ The scripture says we reap what we sow.²⁴ Both the wicked and the righteous will receive blessings or cursings, life or death, here on earth and in the age to come.²⁵

          Walking in the strength of the Lord often feels harder than doing things in a sinful way. It takes faith to believe God’s way will work together for our good, and if we die to self we will find life.²⁶ If we do things differently than the bible tells us, God will discipline or punish us.²⁷ When we sin, we give Satan a foothold in our lives.²⁸ Satan can only do what God allows, but God often allows him to do more if we sin.²⁹But if we live in such a way, that God is working through us and for us, no one can stand against us.³⁰

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