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Is There Power In Our Words?

The verse, "Death and life are in the power of the tongue," shows that God cares about what we say.¹ But words by themselves do not hold power, it is whether or not there is a force behind those words, or whether those words are God’s will, or whether or not we believe those words in our heart, that gives them their power.²

Declaring or praying something does not bring it about unless it’s God’s will. Jesus and his disciples spoke and things happened, because their faith and words were in line with God’s will.³ When Jesus said “whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”⁴ He didn’t give us power to do whatever we want. Unless it’s God’s will to do something, the scripture says our declaration or prayers will have no effect.⁵ But when we pray in unity with what God wants, as Jesus did, the scripture says we will receive whatever we ask for or declare.⁶

We can pray for someone to be saved, and God will surely prompt them, but they must accept the truth in their heart to actually be saved. In the same way a sorcerer may put a curse on a believer, but God promised not to let it affect us, unless we believe lies like the Israelites; or we have sin in our lives, like when Balaam tried to curse Israel; or it’s God’s will for us to go through a trial, like Job.⁷

Saying, I’m going to get sick or be healed will not make us sick or well, unless it is a demonic or Holy Spirit prompted word.⁸ If the Holy Spirit prompts us to say, Jesus help, and we come into agreement either verbally or mentally, then God Promised to hear and answer our words. And, if we are prompted by the enemy to say I am worthless, and we come into agreement either verbally or mentally, then I believe the enemy also will be given power to torment us in certain ways.⁹ Believing a demonic lie was how the first curse was given to mankind.¹⁰

If we have believed demonic lies or rejected God’s promptings it’s not too late to change our mind.¹¹ God is merciful and powerful to break curses or give grace.¹² I have often asked God to, teach me His truth and expose the enemies lies, and he has answered this request on many occasions.

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