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The unforgivable sin. / Can we lose our salvation?

There is no sin so great or number of sins so many that Jesus’ blood cannot cleans them.¹ But Jesus blood only covers those who believe, and our faith can be lost by sinning. Our faith is supernaturally given by the Holy Spirit, as we seek the truth.² But when we disobey or resist what the Holy Spirit is leading us to do, we quench the Holy Spirit, and he distances himself from us.³ On Judgement day, there is only one sin that cannot be covered, unbelief.⁴ There are only two categories on judgement day, believers and unbelievers; those written in the Lamb’s book of life, and those who are not.⁵

God compares our faith to a marriage covenant, in which Jesus is the groom and believers are the bride. ⁶  God promised to always be faithful to us and to forgive our unfaithfulness, if we repent.⁷ But if we refuse to care about the pain our sin causes Him, and harden our hearts towards His love, we are committing spiritual adultery by loving something more than him.⁸ If we continue to ignore his pleas for us to return and repent. He will allow our love for him to die out. He will divorce us and take his Holy Spirit from us.⁹

There are many kinds of continuous sinning that can grieve God’s Spirit, so that he leaves us, but there is no particular sin or specific number of times we can sin to for sure cause God to leave us. Here is a list of some of the sins the bible says can cause believers to lose their salvation: unforgiveness,¹⁰ pride,¹¹ not continuing in God’s kindness (in other words not doing what the bible says),¹² blaspheme the holy Spirit (rejecting his authority or slandering his name),¹³ denying Jesus,¹⁴ any immorality or godlessness,¹⁵ any continued willful sin/trampling the Son-of-God,¹⁶ or falling away (rejecting or disobeying what God said).¹⁷ The Point at which God takes his spirit from us is up to him, which is why Paul says to live out our faith with fear and trembling, and to consider both the kindness and severity of God.¹⁸

Faith is simply believing what God said, so as long as we truly believe that Jesus died in our place, we are saved.¹⁹ But the Bible warns that some people will think they are going to heaven, but on judgement day, they will find out that they didn’t have true faith. They will say Lord, Lord, did we not cast out demons and perform miracles in your name, but Jesus will reply to them, away from me, I never knew you.²⁰ They didn’t have faith, because they didn’t know Jesus. They thought they knew Jesus, but as another passage says, they didn’t feed or clothe him.²¹ in other words they didn’t obey what God said to do. Our obedience doesn’t save us, but if we believe God, we will naturally obey him, because we love and fear him. if we don’t love or fear God, it shows that we don’t really believe what God said in the Bible. And if we don’t believe what God said, then we are on our way to hell.²²

The Scripture says believers will gain assurance of their faith as they strive to please and obey God.²³ God promised to renew and transform us, as we remain in him, by doing what he says.²⁴ As we are transformed, God promised we will produce the fruit of the Spirit, which proves that we have a saving faith.²⁵ If we do what God says, he compares us to a house that’s built on a rock, and our faith will stand. But if we don’t obey God, our faith will be destroyed, like a house built on sand.²⁶ As long as we strive to please God, we have nothing to fear, because he deeply loves us and wants us to have saving faith.²⁷ We didn’t deserve his forgiveness to begin with, and we cannot do something to earn his forgiveness now that we believe.²⁸ Our hope never rested on our own efforts, but only on the finished work of Jesus.²⁹ If we do sin now that we are saved, “Who will bring a charge against us? God is the one who justifies; who is the one that condemns? Christ Jesus is the one who died, yes, rather who was raised, who is at the right hand of God, and who also intercedes for us.”³⁰ The scripture is clear that He who drew us into this saving faith is also able to keep us in it until it is completed at the resurrection on the last day.³¹

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