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Was that God or a coincidence?

Often God has spoken to me in ways that make me wonder if it’s even him or just my imagination. But I have learned, over time, that these convenient thoughts, that come into my mind and clear up what I’m praying about, are not random. Sometimes God answers my prayers in a way that helps, but I still have more questions and confusion. He gives me just enough to satisfy me for the moment.

One way God has answered my prayers, is putting a song in my head. Often, it’s one that I haven’t heard or thought about for such a long time, that I'm not sure how I even remembered the tune, but the lyrics will be just what I needed. Perhaps I will remember just the chorus, and it will be about God's faithfulness, when I am having a hard day. Another way God often reassures me of his presence and help, is with extremely unlikely scenarios. For example, one day when my panic attacks were really bad, I ended up working for an unusually encouraging Christian lady. I later found out that the only way she knew about our company was an old paper ad she had found ten years ago. God knew I would be severely hurting that day, so ten years earlier, before I was even hired, he put it on her heart to save that ad, and somehow I was on the crew that got scheduled for her house, when she finally scheduled us to come out. God used that to remind me how he could take my pain away anytime he wanted, but it was his will for me to be weak and miserable that day. I was still in his plan.

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