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Why can’t I keep myself from getting angry, prideful, lustful…

Jesus was led into the wilderness by the Holy Spirit to be tempted by the devil.¹ God might lead us into areas, where we are going to be tempted, but he doesn’t do the tempting.² It isn’t necessarily a problem that we are filled with hot anger or intense sexual desires. Being tempted is not a sin.³ It’s not sinful to get angry when someone insults our best friend, or to feel a strong urge to linger on a sexual thought or picture, or to like how flattery feels. Sin is when we take our own revenge, or when we dwell on immoral things or when we let flattery turn into self-glorifying thoughts and actions. We aren’t really tempted if it’s easy for us not to sin. It’s a temptation when it’s hard not to sin. Jesus said it’s good to try and avoid temptations, he also said to pray for help through temptations.⁴ Jesus had to learn obedience through what he suffered, until he was ready for his greatest temptation.⁵ God never tempts us beyond what we can bear, but he prepares us for his will. Each day has enough trouble of its own, all we can do is strive to please God today, and he will help us with tomorrow.⁶

①Mathew 4:1    ② Luke 17:1 / James 1:13    ③ Hebrews 4:15 ④ Luke 22:44 / Mathew 6:13 / Hebrews 5:7    ⑤ Hebrews 5:8 / Philippians 2:8    ⑥ Mathew 6:34

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