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"That's My King" Speech

This whole film is a description of Jesus.

1600 Christian TV Stations Story

David tells how a young evangelist prayed for his tent to not be destroyed and later for a television station that went out to 1600 stations (Starts at 15:55). David tells about a how that same TV evangelist asked God to bring people to him (35:30).

20 Year Medical Degree Story

A fresh graduate from a 20-year medical degree went decided to work as a medical missionary, instead of multimillion dollar jobs (starts at 21:00). David tells how 1 tract saved around 40 people (starts at 49:50).

5000 men Story

David Gibbs tells two stories about men who stood up for God. The first story is about a boy who received a small trophy for memorizing 1000 verses (starts at 39:45). The second story is about when, the state of Ohio threatened to punish anyone who went to a Christian school, and David called 5000 Christian men to resist. (starts at 49:21). There is also a hilarious story about a mobile home sewer problem (starts at 4:50)

6 Year Update

Shanomar Ogilvie shares some of the things God has done in his life since he found Jesus 6 years ago. Including seeing a woman in a dream and then meeting her in real life and healing her.

Afshin Testimony

Afshin was a Shiite Muslim, who prayed 5 times a day, read the Koran, fought in the Hezbollah army… When an evil spirit entered his room and started to strangle him, he tried many things to rebuke it, finally he cried out to God for help. An audible voice said bring the name Jesus. He asked Jesus to show himself. Later after fasting and praying for two weeks, God’s power filled the room. Overwhelmed by his sin he hid and cried for forgiveness, and he found eternal security in Jesus.

Alta Monte's Testimony

She was abused and unloved, but she found God; God gave her things miraculously including plain tickets, a ham, etc.; her husband went to jail while she had four kids, but another family cared for them; She describes who God is to her, She was homeless in -22◦F, and she was healed of a several diseases.

Amy Mathew Testimony

Amy had her life all planned out, but she was touched by God, and later God used gave her a word of prophecy that he would send her out. She didn’t believe it at first, but it came true!

An Affair: Bob & Audrey's Story

Bob was a Pastor and Audrey loved Jesus, but Audrey had an affair, and Bob couldn’t forgive her. God used another person to guide each of them back into obedience to Him. Their marriage is even better than before, in another video Bob said he wondered if the affair was God’s plan because of the results, but he knew sin couldn’t be God’s plan.
‘Special notes’ has a link to details on Audrey’s vision.

Baby Believer Story

Leah shares how God has been fulfilling her, testing her, teaching her, guiding her… She shares how God shows his love for her. She also talks about how she has learned to discern God’s voice, what to make of his silence.

Backslid Christian

Mario had was living a double life for 10 years. He would make videos for, The Vigilant Christian, on his YouTube channel, but he was in a downward spiral of marihuana, heroin, and sex. He shows what godly repentance looks like 2 Corinthians 7:11.

Balance Beam Illustration

Frances talks about taking risks to please God.