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"That's My King" Speech

This whole film is a description of Jesus.


Afshin Testimony

Afshin was a Shiite Muslim, who prayed 5 times a day, read the Koran, fought in the Hezbollah army… When an evil spirit entered his room and started to strangle him, he tried many things to rebuke it, finally he cried out to God for help. An audible voice said bring the name Jesus. He asked Jesus to show himself. Later after fasting and praying for two weeks, God’s power filled the room. Overwhelmed by his sin he hid and cried for forgiveness, and he found eternal security in Jesus.


Alta Monte's Testimony

She was abused and unloved, but she found God; God gave her things miraculously including plain tickets, a ham, etc.; her husband went to jail while she had four kids, but another family cared for them; She describes who God is to her, She was homeless in -22◦F, and she was healed of a several diseases.


American Gospel: Christ Alone (1 Hour Version)

This film shows how being a good person is not the gospel. It exposes the empty message of: try harder to be a good person and earn your way to God. It also exposes the prosperity preachers, the people who claim God wants you to be healthy and rich on earth, and if you’re not healthy and rich, it’s your lack of faith, or you’re not giving and doing enough.


Amish Testimony

This Documentary shows the conversions of three Amish families to Christianity. Each family was excommunicated and shunned by their family and friends for their conversion. The three families talk about believing God’s Word over their elders traditions. Their story is ironically not filmed by Christians.


Amy Mathew Testimony

Amy had her life all planned out, but she was touched by God, and later God used gave her a word of prophecy that he would send her out. She didn’t believe it at first, but it came true!


An Affair: Bob & Audrey's Story

Bob was a Pastor and Audrey loved Jesus, but Audrey had an affair, and Bob couldn’t forgive her. God used another person to guide each of them back into obedience to Him. Their marriage is even better than before, in another video Bob said he wondered if the affair was God’s plan because of the results, but he knew sin couldn’t be God’s plan.
‘Special notes’ has a link to details on Audrey’s vision.


Baby Believer Story

Leah shares how God has been fulfilling her, testing her, teaching her, guiding her… She shares how God shows his love for her. She also talks about how she has learned to discern God’s voice, what to make of his silence.


Backslid Christian

Mario had was living a double life for 10 years. He would make videos for, The Vigilant Christian, on his YouTube channel, but he was in a downward spiral of marihuana, heroin, and sex. He shows what godly repentance looks like 2 Corinthians 7:11.


Baseball & Drugs Testimony

Blake was a star baseball player, but he wrecked his life with cocaine. In prison he started going to chapel and reading the bible. When he saw a movie of Jesus, he was deeply touched and told God, “I wanna give my life to you”. He now has a ministry house for the homeless, drug addicts, and prostitutes…


Benny Prasad's Testimony

Benny was beaten by his parents from age 4-16, they told him he was worthless, he had 25 dollars when God told him he would go to every nation, he has now traveled to every country in the world, he plays his unique guitar as a way to share his testimony about Jesus. The doctors had been giving him the wrong medication, and he was told he had one month to live. (Starts at 12:09).


Broken Marriage Restored Story

Sarah thought Christian marriage would be easy. Her husband Eric filed for divorce, she grumbled to God about him, but God convicted her of herself. God helped her through this hard season of life by providing her physical needs, including food, a job, childcare; and her emotional needs, including dreams, the joy of the Lord, and prophetic words. She also dealt with spiritual warfare including thoughts of not being pretty enough and an impulse to go to a park where she found her husband with another woman. In the end the Lord restored her marriage!