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An Affair: Bob & Audrey's Story

Bob was a Pastor and Audrey loved Jesus, but Audrey had an affair, and Bob couldn’t forgive her. God used another person to guide each of them back into obedience to Him. Their marriage is even better than before, in another video Bob said he wondered if the affair was God’s plan because of the results, but he knew sin couldn’t be God’s plan.
‘Special notes’ has a link to details on Audrey’s vision.

Here's a link to the extended version of Audrey and Bob's story: Extended Version (30 min)

Here's some links to other restored marriage videos:  Kim & Rob's Seperation (29min), Corey & Meredith's Remarriage (6min), Jenifer & Jeremy's Seperation (50min), Duncan & Leanne's Seperation (6min), Cari & Ryan's Remarriage (24min), Marriage tips (1hr34min), Biblical Marriage (1hr)

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