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Brother Yun Testimony (Pt 1)

Brother Yun talks about hearing from Jesus. Jesus spoke to his mother; she told her family to pray for her dying husband and God healed him. Yun wanted to meet Jesus, he heard Jesus voice. The holy Spirit showed him dreams of healings, he spoke about Jesus publicly, and became a criminal in China. In prison Jesus spoke to him again. His mother prophesied, that Yun would live. The Holy Spirit lead Yun to show God’s love to criminals. His inmates came to Jesus. We need to share the mercy of Jesus.

Brother Yun is still alive. His testimony titled, The Heavenly Man can be purchased as a book or audio book

Here is a link to some other strories that Yun shares: Yun Stories (40 min), Yun's Wife (10min), Lessons From Prison (25min),

Note - I recomend speeding this video up to 1.5 times playback speed, this can be done by clicking the gear icon on the bottom right of the screen, when in Youtube.

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