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Exposing False Healers Pt 1 (Miracles For Sale)

Darren exposes the techniques of fake faith healers. He selects random people on the street and has his partner lay hands on them and pray for healing. After the prayer several people claim to have been healed to some degree. Darren then has his partner give a sermon at an event, he put together, for an unknowing audience. He figures out some inside information on the attendants and shows how easily people can be convinced that he has a word from God. He also lays hands on some of them and they fall over.

Here's a video about demonic healing: Demonic Healing (1hr)

 full video. Here is a link to a playlist of the full video on YouTube. Full 10 Part Video

Note - I could hardly get myself to post this video, because the producer is an atheist, and boldly says all healings are fake. But there are so many fake Christian healers out there, that I decided this might be good for someone to see.

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