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Mass Murderer Testimony

Joshua Blahyi (A.K.A. General Butt Naked), confessed to the slaughter of 20,000 Liberians, during the 14 year civil war. He came to Christ through a vision and God sent Christians into his heavily guarded building to tell him how to be saved. He is now a pastor and apologizes to those he hurt in the war.

Here are some other videos about Joshua: Documentary Highlights (9min), Joshua interview (10min) Joshua Story Pt 1 (17min), Joshua Story Pt 2 (13min)

Warning There are 2 pictures of Joshua without clothing in the first 2 min of the below video, the rest is clean if you skip forward.

Extended Story Of Joshua Blahyi (1hr 50min)

There is also a Documentary called The Redemption Of General Butt Naked, (1hr 25min)but there are 3 nude scenes in the first 20 min of the film, the rest is clean if you skip forward.


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