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Paul Washer Seeking God Story

Paul describes how he had a great desire to find the power and life of God. He tells how he prayed for months to know God; at one point he was throwing rocks in the sky begging God to come down. When God came, he was terrified, and then filled with an amount of joy he has never experienced before.


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Paul Washer Testimony - Founder of Heart Cry

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16 min

Paul talks about his mother’s conversion and how much of a jerk and a liar he was before meetin . . .


Martyr Story (Paul Washer)

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5 min

In Peru, Paul decided to do everything he could to not become luke-warm. He took every opportun . . .


Paul Washer Book Story

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6 min

Paul felt an urge to go to a bookstore and found a poor pastor who needed books. . . .

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